Unity Center Of The Desert

Our attendees after a church service this spring.Our services are 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM Sunday.  We are located in the Century Plaza just east of 4th avenue behind the Burger King and Sombrero’s.  We are in suite #136A.


281 W. 24th Street Suite 136A

Yuma AZ 85364

See activities calendar for scheduled events.  Also look at the page “What’s Happening Now” for a good idea of what we are currently involved in.

Please come and enjoy our New Thought group and open yourself for a possible spiritual awakening.

Our church is just east of the corner of 4th ave and 24th st.  It is part of the Century Plaza office complex.  On Sunday there is parking between the buildings and on the street, also in the business parking lot just east (across the street) of the church.

You may not be familiar with Unity, but Unity has been printing the “Daily Word” that has been used by many other churches and spiritual organizations for nearly a century.  Come see what we are all about.

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  1. Your post, Unity Center Of The Desert | Dedicated to your Personal Spiritual Growth, is really well written and insightful. Glad I found your website, warm regards from Doretta!

  2. I recently retired from Silent Unity. I want to live in a warm place with warm hearted people. Are you still in search for a Spiritual Leader? If yes, I will start the process to apply. In the late 70s, my brother-in-law was stationed there; so, we drove down from San Bernardino where my husband was stationed, about twice a month or they drove up to visit with us. I love the desert. Not everyone understands that and it is okay. Do they still have that crazy jalapeno eating contest?

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    Desert | Dedicated to your Personal Spiritual
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    Thank you ,Kristian

  4. Pleased to see Unity come to Yuma. Attended on occasion while living in Palm Springs, Calif. Also good friend with Walter Starcke, who served on the Unity board for several years. He was personal friend with Rosemary Fillmore, daughter of the Fillmores. Congratulations and continued growth as you fill the needs of the community of Yuma.

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